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InstaCharge 3.0  

Power Charge Your Devices Up To 4X Faster 

InstaCharge 3.0:  A Modern Charger Built For Modern Devices 

  • Quick Charge 3.0 Technology:  Supercharge your devices from 0%-80% in 30 minutes. (That’s 4x faster than conventional chargers!) 
  • 4 USB Charging Ports: Save time by charging multiple devices at once. 
  • Built-in Surge Protection: Your devices will never overheat, overcharge, or short circuit. 
  • Lightweight & Portable: Plugs into any wall without falling out and you can take it with you on-the-go. 

Why Is InstaCharge 3.0 Voted The Best Charger Of 2021? 

The Answer Is Simple:  It’s One Of The Most Advanced Chargers Ever Made. 

Inspired by all of the lackluster chargers in the market today, the engineers at Storm challenged themselves to build one of the most powerful and efficient chargers the tech world has ever seen. 

Built for the demands of an ever-connected, on-the-go lifestyle, the Storm engineers constructed the InstaCharge 3.0 – a state-of-the-art charger that can keep up with the demands of everyday life in 2021. 

Top InstaCharge 3.0 Features: 

Quick Charge 3.0:  Charge your smartphone and other devices up to 4x faster than other chargers thanks to the installment of the latest Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Each charge can fully recharge your device in minutes!  

4 Adaptable USB Ports:  Save time by charging all of your devices at once via adaptable USB ports. The first port quick-charges at 18W, while the bottom three ports adjust to any device with or without fast-charging at an output of 5V/3.1A. 

Intelligent Surge Protection:  Never worry about frying or short circuiting your devices thanks to the InstaCharge 3.0’s proprietary current regulation system that controls the flow of electrical current to your devices. 

Overheat & Overcharge Protection:  The InstaCharge 3.0 comes with safety features that prevent your devices and the charger from overheating, overcharging, or short-circuiting, so it is 100% safe to set and forget. 

“This is by far the best charger I’ve ever used in my entire life!” 

– Matt McCarin, 

Tech Enthusiast & Tech Blogger 

InstaCharge 3.0 Benefits:  

All of these great features provide you advantageous benefits that will warp you into the new generation of fast-charging. 

Never Worry About A Low Battery Again:  Since the InstaCharge 3.0 can recharge your phone or any device in a matter of minutes, your device will be back up and running again in no time. 

One Plug To Charge Them All:  You will never have to fight for an outlet to charge all of your devices at once. One outlet can charge four devices simultaneously and save your other outlets for other appliances. 

Simultaneous Charging:  Sometimes you need to charge more than one device at the same time. Perfect for charging your smartphone, tablet and laptop all at once. 

Lightweight & Portable:  InstaCharge 3.0’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry in a backpack or a purse, so you can charge your devices easily on-the-go. 

Backwards Compatible:  InstaCharge 3.0 adapts to every kind of device, so you never need to worry about overcharging an older device that does not have a fast-charging feature. 

Built With Safeguards:  You will never have to worry about leaving your devices to charge at any time of day or night. InstaCharge 3.0’s proprietary current regulation system constantly monitors the flow of electrical currents coming in and out of your devices, so it can initiate an emergency shut-off if necessary.